Little Greene Livid (263)
Little Greene Livid (263)
Little Greene Livid (263)
Little Greene Livid (263)
Little Greene Livid (263)
Little Greene Livid (263)
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Little Greene Livid (263)

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Livid - No 208. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 19 Tempered with black, ‘livid’ blues range from pink to green; this version is a deep, moody yet restful shade, sitting somewhere between blue, green and grey.

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Do you require primer or undercoat for your project? 
If so, there are three options for you...

Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer)
Water-based primer undercoat suitable for painting on all interior and exterior surfaces.
Two hour drying time and low 5-7% sheen. 
TO ORDER : This primer is tinted in the colour of your top coat, so use the selection tool above to add this to your order. 

Aluminium Wood Primer
Aluminium Wood Primer is recommended for use on new and bare interior and exterior woodwork. Formulated on a high quality aluminium base, this primer is ideal for front doors, exterior joinery and sealing resinous woods. Can also be used as a stain block.
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Wall Primer Sealer
A high-quality water-based primer for new, unpainted or friable (crumbly) walls and ceilings. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.
this primer seals and stabilises the surface and controls the absorption of the surface to prevent patchiness of the finish.
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